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Authored by music healing

I need an elegant rose gold watch..
the new line of Orient Star , launched in April 2009, caught my attention..

after studying it.. I ask Orient to let me try the WZ0031DE

After 5 days of trying the new line

I got everything I need in this watch.. for an elegant dress watch

It's automatic, it can be automatic and hand wound also
This watch need only 10 wound to max 40 hours power reserve
- I feel like owning a Spring Drive seiko hahaha

I dont have to wear it daily, just need +/- 10 seconds, to 10 times wound the crown.. walaaaa ---- 40 hours power is ready to go

it has Day dial in retrograde style
it has Date dial
it has power reserve

Superb finishing, rose gold combination of brushed and polished rose gold
Superb leather strap with excelent comfy Orient star deployant

It goes well for Man and Woman ... I guess Orient Star could market this watch as Unisex watch IMO

I just like to share some pictures of this beautiful watch

Dial of the watch :
Consist of two layer : lower layer and upper layer. It is so beautifully done, how the 2 dial perfectly each each other
Upper layer consist of two pattern : outer pattern and inner patter
Lower layer is the sub dial..

Watch has 3 Sub Dial - each sub dial is decorated by rose gold border in various style
Each sub dial , has it owns beautiful pattern . that is embossed pattern.. not printed, embossed pattern.. how incredible the detail from each embossed subdial pattern

I still try to get the best pictures with my pocket cam. its so hard
I deliberately give harsh light , in order to try to show the multiple pattern of dial and subdial.. Later on, if I could get better pictures. i would update

Side profile of the watch..
It consist of the combination of brushed and polished Rose Gold, with double countour edge..
no sharp edge.. the lug hugs the wrist
Crown its signed crafted not laser crafted

Leather bracelet is very high quality leather.. brown smooth leather.. sticth
thick and suple
comes with Orient star signed deployant.. full rose gold

Sapphire crystal is so nice.. it is slight dome but very beautiful dome
minimalistic yet so elegant

but it is not AR coated
[img] Sharing some of pictures, wrist shots and woman's wrist shot




It could worn by woman very nicely
I try to have some back case shot ...

and also try to give the lug and side profile better.. since I love the double curve , part polished part brushed, it is made so nice
Pattern of the dial
[img] Trying to have some closeup shot today

Showing the day wheel

Showing the date wheel

Power Reserve
even the minute index baton, each gold batton has it owns pattern


the whole dial

as u can see, each dial has it own embossed pattern, its a very unique and detailed pattern got to play with a piece of newspaper , Orient and camera

hope u like the results


a liitle correction.. measure it again
I measure again - it 39 mm dial and 41,5 mm with crown
thickness is 11mm
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