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Orient Star 200m Diver WZ0371FD (Yellow) "Revolver"

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Authored by filmjuicer

The Orient Star 200m Air Diver's watch, model WZ0371FD (yellow dial). This watch is the "Little Brother" to the Orient Star 300m diver. Currently, the 200m is a Japanese market watch (as far as I know) and retails for around $600-700, while the 300m is around $1400. There is a black dial as well as a blue dial version of the 200m, both of which come on a stainless steel bracelet, while the yellow dial comes standard on a rubber strap. (I purchased this particular watch of the WUS Sale Forum and it came with the standard Orient rubber strap, as well as a "Yobokies" stainless steel bracelet and a "DiveStraps" rubber strap.)

Some people refer to this model as the "Revolver" due to the bezel design, which is probably the biggest point of contention for most people with this watch. It seems that most people seem to either love the bezel design or hate it. Either way, it definitely is unique! Personally, I like the fact that it is different and doesn't look like every other dive watch out there!

The yellow dial on this watch is really nice. Some people refer to it as an "anodized" finish, and it has a really nice luster to it. Previously I had owned an orange-dialed watch (Orient Mako) and for some reason, I just couldn't get into the orange. But the yellow on this watch is really nice! The luminous markers are applied with a glossy black trim ring around them. The lume is also very good on this watch, although some people say the 300m has better lume (which I guess is to be expected). Also, the date at the 9 o'clock position is a nice change.

While the crystal does have an anti-reflective coating, as far as I can tell, it is not sapphire, but rather a mineral crystal. It is flat though, and I guess due to the AR coating, keeps the dial very visible under most situations. Time will tell how well it holds up to scratches, etc.

For the money, I think you get a lot of watch. The case is mostly brushed finish with polished sides and back--it is very solid, and feels very well-made. Coming in at about 44mm wide and about 14mm thick, with a 22mm lug width, it is a rather large watch. The two-tone unidirectional bezel turns very smoothly (60 clicks), and the signed crown screws down nicely. The watch features a screw down case back (as expected) with an engraved Orient logo. Overall, I would say that the fit and finish is very good on this watch.

As far as I can tell, both the Orient Star 200m and 300m watches use the same 21-jewel Orient movement, which is listed at +25/-15 seconds per day. The movement does not hack or hand wind, which I think is a turn off to most people looking at watches in this price range. However, it is a very solid movement and my watch, at least has been very accurate. In the few days I've had this watch, it has been running about dead accurate depending on how it is stored. When worn, the watch tends to run a few seconds fast per day and when stored dial-up, continues to run a few seconds fast (+6 to 8). When it is stored crown-up, however, the watch slows back down (-2 to 4) so it tends to even itself out. I do not have a winder, but the previous own told me that he kept this watch on a winder and was accurate to about a minute-or-so per month! Even though it does not hand wind, the movement does wind up very fast--with 20-30 seconds of shaking/swirling, I can ad 5-10 hours on the power reserve dial. After a couple of hours of wear it will be fully charged.

So far, the only real complaints I have are minor: First there is a slight difference in color from the dial indices (a little green) to the hands (a little yellow), although the lume appears the same color. (My Seiko Black Monster was the same way, though, so maybe this is common?) Second, the date window could be just a hair larger, which would make it a little easier to read dates like "21" for example. That's about it!

Now, I know in this price range there are a lot of other watches that people can consider, most notably the Seiko Sumo. However, if you are looking for a nice, solid dive watch with a little "out-of-the-box" styling, I would definitely recommend the Orient Star 200m "Revolver!"
Here's a shot on the OEM Orient rubber strap, for those who might be interested.

When I bought mine Revolver, it came with the original rubber strap and an aftermarker stainless bracelet, which I believe was from "Yobokies" (and I think it is a modified Seiko bracelet with custom 22mm straight end pieces). It is a decent bracelet, but I always wanted an Orient braclet. Now, apparently, the Yellow Revolver is available new with the Orient bracelet, but originally it wasn't.

ANYWAY...I finally got a new bracelet for my watch, and it just so happens to be the bracelet from the Orient Star 300m Diver! I have to say that it is a very nice bracelet, indeed, and it fits the watch much better than the other bracelet I had. This bracelet is 22mm at the lugs and only tapers down to 18mm at the clasp, which is signed with the Orient logo and has four-points of adjustment with a ratcheting dive extension (just like the Seiko Marine Master). It is a solid bracelet and really balances out the watch nicely!

Here's some simple photos:

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