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Authored by Sheik Yerbouti

After months of searching, I finally picked my everyday watch. Firstly I was looking into kinetics and automatics and all that, so my initial search lead me to various Seikos (the 5, in particular) and Russians (Vostok Amphibia).

I then realized that this watch has to last, and being a kind of poor college student, I can't afford to fix a mechanical if it needs fixed. I switched gears and looked into quartz watches around the same price. I wanted a watch with an alarm and a chronograph, with a leather band. There were a few Orients and Seikos that fit the bill, but I wanted to keep the watch under 100 shipped. A search of ebay brought me to this particular piece.


What can I say? I think this watch is beautiful. It's simple, readable, and has the perfect amount of ornamentation. The subdials have simple texturing to make them standout, but this watch is all about the subtlety. The Arabic numerals are slightly raised, making them highly readable from a distance and in dim light. The case itself is 42mm in diameter, the band is 20mm.

At first I had a hard time dealing with the size, and even contemplated returning it, because I wasn't used to such a large watch. But the size is really growing on me. The pictures below show the watch on my 6.5" wrist. It really does wear well though, very comfortable on the leather band.

Band: The band is a simple pieced leather job. The brown has a lot of red in it, more than the pictures indicate. It is going to be replaced with a black band soon enough. It's fairly stiff and thick, and feels durable, but I'm just not jiving with the color.


Accuracy: Dead accurate, being a quartz and all. Within 1 second since I got it 5 days ago.
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