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Authored by Larry50
Orient Power Reserve model CEX0P001B

I just received this watch yesterday (8/7/09) so I haven’t had a chance to draw any long-term conclusions. However, it’s one that won me over from the moment I first saw it. I’m going to keep this review brief because of my short history with the watch, and because I’m not an expert by any definition. You can draw your own conclusions about the watch’s aesthetic qualities based on the photos.

Here’s the technical info that’s posted on Orient’s Web site:

Band: Genuine Leather
Power Reserve: Power Reserve Indicator
Crystal: Mineral Crystal
Movement: Orient\'s 21 Jewel Self Winding Mechanical Movement.
Clasp: Deployment Clasp With Buckle
Case Measurement: 42mm

I measured the width with the crown at 43mm and the thickness at 12mm. I don’t know what the movement caliber is, though. Maybe someone here can provide that.

This watch is very comfortable on my 7-in.-dia. wrist, and I’m confident that it would look and feel good on almost anyone’s wrist. Because of its slim profile and leather band, it feels as light as a feather compared to a Mako, for instance. According to my postal scale, it weighs about 3 oz. Clearly, this is a refined dress watch.

The case is beautifully finished with a pleasing combination of finely brushed and highly polished surfaces. The watch’s design and execution are nearly perfect -- there’s not a rough edge or clumsy design element. Notice in the photo below how the Orient logo on the crown is crisply engraved.

The slightly domed crystal complements the flowing lines of the watch without being obtrusive. And there’s no problem with reflection when viewing the face from almost any angle. The edge of the crystal flows directly into the brushed and polished bezel, which reinforces the watch’s integrated design.

Although Orient says the face is black, it’s really charcoal gray. I find that it’s pleasing to look at and enhances the appearance of the face details (of which there are many). I think the power reserve feature on the dial is a great practical feature and a welcome aesthetic addition. The tachymeter scale looks nice and might be a useful feature for some.

It’s too early to tell about accuracy, but for now it seems to be running about +3 seconds a day. My limited experience with Orient watches in this regard has been very positive.

Perhaps the least impressive part of this watch is its strap. Not that’s it’s bad – in fact, it’s very good for this price – but there are better leather straps out there. The clasp snaps shut, which isn’t terribly secure --but after all, this is a dress watch, so it’s not meant for scuba diving or playing tennis. It’s a nicely made and attractive clasp, though. The leather is a pretty bright pumpkin color, but it gives the watch a little attitude and it should mellow with age.

Lume is, well, weak but nicely done. Again, no extreme sports, such as spelunking for this watch.

Finally, would I buy this watch if I had to do it again? I’m finding it difficult to resist buying the other two iterations (white face, and blue face with a blue strap). I think this one is a home run. To mix metaphors, I give it a 9.5 out of 10.
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