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Hello! I hope I'm writing in the correct topic, but I'm new to the forum and I'm writing to you with great request for a help. I am a member of another forum for watches where we have a fierce controversy, over the orginality of a "ORIENT" watch. The dispute is public and unfortunately became very unfriendly. Two people have opposing views in connection with the originality of the watch and I decided to look for an impartial opinions which I know I'll find here. Unfortunately, the photos, and the watch are not mine, so I can not provide any other photos . I tried to improve them as much as I can so you can distinguish the details. The watch has Movement HAMAZAWA 5026A, some sources are saying that in a short period of time "Orient" have used this movement, although I do not know anyone presenting it officially in a catalog. But even so, my concerns are more about , if anything , Fund (the body, housing), and the dial resemble Japanese ORIENT and what is your opinion. Is this an original "ORIENT" or not!?. Crown winder not seen very well, there is no button for quick date change, I've zoomed out a littler the logo right under 18 hours. It is very difficult to distinguish the three letters, I think I recognize TCM or TCW (there are maybe some points between the letters)and the figure is either 8600 or 3600 back cover is clearly visible.
I'll be grateful if I can get at least 2-3 of your opinions.
thank you in advance,
I wish you all the best.


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