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Authored by jbdan

Orient CFT00004B

Specs (taken from Orient website):

Mechanical Movement : ORIENT caliber 46R40 Made in Japan
Self-winding movement
21 jewels
21600/hour vibrations
Power reserve indicator
Stainless steel case and bracelet
Internal rotating ring with slide rule
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating
Screw see-through caseback with sapphire crystal, screwed-down crown
Stainless steel bracelet or genuine leather strap
Water resistant to 100m
Diameter 43.7 mm
Thickness 12.1 mm
Weight ~169 gms


What can I say I love it. It is a very "deep" dial with a lot of detail. I happen to like the color combination. The second hand is actually fluorescent green/yellow and is hard to capture in photos. The semi-skeleton dial speaks for itself. While I have no clue how to use the slide rule I think it adds a sporty look to the semi-dressy watch. The power reserve gauge is awesome and is a handy feature when rotating often.


The case sides, back, crown, and stationary bezel are all highly polished SS. It adds a very dressy look and presents a little "bling" factor if that is what you fancy. I feel this allows the watch to be worn with just about anything.

High fit and finish. Very smooth screw down crowns. The sapphire crystal peaks out over the top of the stationary bezel. Sapphire crystal is on top AND bottom with an internal AR coat on the top crystal. While this AR coating works well, the sapphire is flat so reflections can be dominant outside in the sun. However, at certain angles both in and outside, the crystal seems to disappear.

The movement is decorated and very viewable even from the front. This watch charges like no other auto I have seen and takes about a half day of regular wearing to fully charge. The rotor moves so easily that once discharged, just picking it up starts it again.


I really like the comfort of this watch. It is the largest watch I own, but wears very nicely. I have very small wrists (6.5") and after removing 3 links it sits perfectly balanced.

It is a mixture of brushed and polished solid links. Sporty, but at the same time somewhat dressy. I have to add that this bracelet is extremely quiet. There is almost zero rattle.

I have no issue with arm hair pulling. If you are familiar with the watchadoo, the Orient bracelet is not near as smooth/rounded on the edges, but I have no issues.

The clasp is's insides are highly polished. The Orient logo looks nice as well.

Overall Opinion

I am really liking my first Orient a lot. I never knew this company even existed 6 months ago and this certainly will not be my only Orient watch.

Accuracy so far set to atomic clock 48 hours ago: +7 sec. Very nice.

Lume (on the hands and at the 12 o'clock marker) lasts all night albeit nothing like a Seiko diver in it's intensity. And because the that lume is the only lume remaining lit, it is easy to read on it's black background.


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Authored by anzac1957
Great review.. I have to agree with all that you have said..Your model has the Marcus Gronholm rally colours for the second hand and highlights.. Here is mine on a leather strap with deployant buckle and red second hand and highlights..


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Authored by Azreal911
Here's a pick of the orange one

Just found out soemone reviewed this after I started to write up on thise DOH! hahah! I'll tag this onto your review since it's the same watch.

1) Here's a close up of the face, I love seeing the heartbeat of the watch it's almost mesmerizing it's something completely different to my bunch of watches I have. Yeah I picked orange cause I like orange which is pretty much it, a few owners here picked black I see. Ignore any specs you see on the watch dial cause I forgot to dust is off first else the dial is completely flawless. The movement is non hacking but like the seikos you can easily manual hack this by gently easing it into the reverse when you are changing the time.

The real surprising thing is that the crystal on the face is actually sapphire front and back at this price point?! (around $380 cdn). I would've expected mineral glass like most of the seiko's and citizen's. The power meter here is such a useful thing to have on any automatic watch especially if you own more than one, during weekends I wear my more dressy looking watch so I give this a few shakes if it gets low. On full charge it falls to 1/2 after 24hrs so the stated 40hr power supply is pretty accurate there.

The 9 o'clock crown changes the time and the 4 o'clock crown changes the slide rule which is pretty much useless to most non flyers here. Since I live in Toronto, canada and run to the border often I left the slide rule on the MPH/KPH conversion which is pretty accurate and quick to see at a glance. An example on how to use it is if you are travelling 50Mph and wonder how fast is that KPH in Canada look at the inner ring 50MPH and the outer ring corresponds to 80KPH, neat tool eh? oh yeah and once you got to 70+MPH just add an extra 0 to the outer ring and it's still accurate.

2) Here's a shot of the watch with the lume, it's lume is as bright as my aquaracer and by 6am in the dark I can easily glance at it so it's good enough for me. It's not as bright as the seiko 5 I had but it's good through the night. The 2,3,4,5 lume markers are missing but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell what time it is even when half awake.

3) Shot of the see through back. It's really clean and a nicely decorated rotor, if you look carefully in the pic they even engraved the slanted egde of the rotor.

4) Here's a close up shot of the crown, it's also decorated and well machined. Which doesn't scratch me at all, also both crowns are screw in so I've taken it swimming and jumping into whirlpools without a problem.

5) Further away shot of the complete watch. The watch came with the metal bracelet that they show on their orient website but I mostly like rubber straps cause I like the freedom to quickly adjust it depending on how I feel. I only have one bracelet watch in my collection due to having at least one dress capable watch but could easily switch this to a bracelet if really needed but prefer not to.
with the 24mm lug width I able to get a beefy looking strap instead of some wimpy looking 18mm one.

All in all I really like it and think the quality is much higher than what it costs, funny thing is also my coworkers don't even notice when I wear my aquaracer cause it's a clean watch like more dressy ones but with this they wonder what the heck is that and ask me about it.

hope you guys enjoyed reading this I like to collect watches that are different from what I have since I buy to keep. So next thing I'm eyeing in the future (3rd quarter of 09, I like to enjoy the ones I have first) would probably be a 24hr watch or that citizen nighthawk cause I like the neat looking GMT function.
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