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Authored by big bird This is a review of my first Orient Auto from the Urban Collection

It's a tonneau style watch which is neither too formal nor too jazzy so it's equally at home dressed up as it is in jeans and a t-shirt, perhaps tending towards the informal

The arabic numerals are polished SS (chrome coloured) and are distorted so that they get bigger the further you move from the centre of the watch giving a sense of motion... like a freeze-frame of a dynamic process

This is what drew me to this watch - it's unusual and dynamic design - and the intense contrast between the two major parts that make up this design scheme...

Half of the dial centre reveals an am/pm and day wheel which gives the watch an orderly, mechanistic appearance.

This is the first part of the design... ...but then surrounding this machine like centre is the whirl of chrome numbers that look like they have been caught in the act of flying off the watch face as though blown outward by an explosion.... They are all cartoon-ish and dynamic and, well, ...shiny! - a far cry from the sober machine at the centre of this i call it <<Time Bomb>>
tic-tic tic-tic boom!

TheTonneau style is not a strict rectangle but is bulging - again, like a bomb has gone off inside it bursting the walls outward slightly - the whole watch sits quite proud on my 7" wrist with presence and charm.

...on a 7" human? wrist

The pictures don't do it justice and you will have to take my word for it that it is far more involving and charismatic in person - as with the Seiko skx007 which looks a little dull in pictures but when you see it in person you realise just how special it is - so with this Orient, however the contrast between photo and reality is far more pronounced with the Orient.

The face is black - neither flat nor gloss and light hitting it radiates subtly in a circular pattern
All markings are incredibly clear and precise and the applicationon of the chrome numerals is perfect - they actually sit at some relief upon the watch face lending some subtle depth and texture to the whole appearance.
The hands are very nicely done in polished SS with a crease down their length and with sufficient lume applied for visibility in the dark - the lume dots marking the hours are small enough not to mar the complexion of the watch face but sufficient for night time viewing - they are about half as bright as the hands.

The overall effect is dark but captivating as the polished numerals and hands catch the light and sparkle subtly through the curved crystal.

The crystal sits very slightly proud of the case and it's bevelled edge follows the curvature of the case from top to bottom.

there is a light side and a dark side to this baby... oh yeah

The crown is very minutely and precisely etched with the Orient logo - a nice touch but unless you inspect it closely, it just looks like a smudge!

The movement is the basic Orient non H/H auto and the feel of it is decidedly silkier and more positive than a comparable 7s26 when adjusting the date wheel - it "tumbles" with a buttery and mechanically very distinct and precise feel... very encouraging. As far as time keeping is concerned... too soon to say...I've only had it a couple of hours

On the wrist it feels light and comfortable, so that you are not aware that you are wearing it - the black leather calf skin is supple and seems of quite high quality

great design and execution
perfect size and comfortable to wear
subtle and involving detailing
smooth mechanicals

maybe it sits a little high - at what looks like 11ish or 12mm this is not a particularly slim watch so it may be vulnerable to knocks
In artificial light the curved crystal can be a little loud - an anti-reflective coat would calm it down...

Overall I'm very favourably impressed with this machine, to put it mildly. I can't quite believe the precision, attention to detail and value for money as well as the design flair - this watch is head and shoulders above most watches at two and three times the price.

nice one Orient, i will be buying again, that's for sure.


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Authored by spm17

Big Bird...your watch looks GREAT! I opened mine on Christmas and have wore it to several parties and got lots of compliments. This is my fourth Orient and they really are great watches. Here are a few pics of mine. Congrats!

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