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I wrote this review over at WUS, but since it's such an unique watch, I thought it would be cool to share it here too. So first, let me write a bit about the history of this watch.

Last year, the members over at a local Brazilian watch forum called Relógios Mecânicos (FRM, for short), came together to have a special edition watch made for forum members. A few years ago another watch was made this way, and it was called "RM1", so the new watch was christened RM2. Orient is a big brand here in Brazil, and even has a factory here (the only one out of Asia?). The FRM has a pretty good relation with the brand, and a head honcho over there is even a member. They made the RM1 and agreed to make the RM2 also. Orient was about to release here in Brazil a new 300 m diver, and it would be the first in their line-up with a HRV. They agreed to factory-customize the watch for us, and best of all, we had a say on some of the features. So we voted on dial colors, bezel colors, hands and graphics, and after we reached a consensus, color combinations were optional 8) .

The box is pretty cool, way more elaborate then the standard Seiko boxes.

The watch comes with a metal bracelet and a VERY sturdy rubber/plastic strap, so that you can change and wear either of them. Mine came dressed with the bracelet, and since I'll only use it with bracelet, I didn't bother changing it. In the box also came an Allen wrench and spare spring bars so that you can change the strap yourself.

Maybe on my wrist it doesn't look so HUGE, but trust me, it is a hulk! It measures 45.4 mm without the crown and 49.6 mm counting the crown, and is 16.9 mm thick. The most impressive is the weight: it weighs heavy 238 g with the bracelet, so with a weight and size like that it's not a watch for everybody :-\ .

Here, in better detail, you can see the automatic HRV. Yes, I'll never dive deeper then the club's swimming pool with the watch, so the only value of the valve is just for bragging rights. Since it's the only watch I have with this feature, brag I will :p .

The case is nicely polished and, as you can see, the crown is marked.

And here's where things get nice and personal :p . As you can see, mine is watch #12 of only 68 made in commemoration of FRM's second custom watch (unfortunately I don't have the RM1, because it came out before I joined the forum). To make things even more exclusive, we were allowed to choose among a black or yellow dial, a black or coke bezel and a black or red second hand. The black dialed version will be offered to the general public, along with an orange one. But the yellow, you'll never be able to buy it in stores :D . And making things a bit more exclusive, of the 68 RM2 made, only 18 have a yellow dial + black bezel + red second hand 8) . Again, it's only good for bragging rights, but how many in the world have a watch that is 1 of just 18 made ;) ?

The dial, besides being yellow, is also customized by everything written under the hands, and only the RM2 has that text. And here you see the one detail that I didn't like very much: the bezel. It turns smoothly, but too smoothly in fact. Maybe I'm just used to the "heavy" bezels of my Seiko divers, but I would rather have the bezel a bit more tight. It's not loose, far from that, but it ain't Seiko tight either.

Now the really good news. One of the guys from FRM, is a big wig for the Omega Brazil tech center, so he has access to everything you can imagine in terms of equipment. Curios as he his, and a participant of the RM2 project, he promptly got the watch on the work bench

First he did a vacuum test, and since everything was ok, he went through with a "wet test". He subjected his watch to a pressure equivalent of 375 m (37.5 bar) for two whole hours, and the watch passed with flying colors when right after he did a condensation test. No leaks!

Being honest, so far I wasn't surprised, because I at least think that for a big company this ain't too difficult to achieve. But I was VERY impressed when he put the watch through a Witschi Watch Expert II. Out of the box, the escapement had a beat-error that did not go over 0,3 ms. With the crown up, the watch was +4s/day, +2s/day with the crown down and +1s/day with the dial up and crown to the left, which gives a medium value of only +2,33s/day. So basically, the watch is good for +2/+3 seconds per day!!!

Yes, I know that doesn't mean that all of the 68 watches will perform exactly like that, but more then probably, I have a watch that can comply to COSC standards. Mine, last I checked, was doing +3 seconds/day :) .

Compared to other big watches, specially my BFK (SKA427P1), it doesn't look that big, but trust me, the thing is gignormous. As I said before, it's a watch that will NOT dress well for everybody, and definitively it's not a watch for formal wear, specially in banana yellow like that. I wanted it as a sports watch, and on me and for that role I think it goes well 8) .

Before people start asking, NO, you can't buy one. Only 68 were made and they're all accounted for. I know there is one in Canada, but the owner registered over at FRM and was able to get his. The only way of getting one now is if one of the 68 owners wants to sell his. in fact, you can only have a shot at 67 of them, since I'm not selling mine ;D . The only alternative is the regular edition watch, model #469SS039 (black) or #469SS040 (orange):

It's only available with a coke bezel on the dial and black bezel on the orange dial, and it also comes with the spare strap. I've never seen in the metal the black one, but I did handle the orange version in a jewelry. It looks good, not as good as my yellow, because it's a darker shade of orange, not as bright as Doxa orange. Between the orange and the black I personally would go with the black one.
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