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Sorry, late to the party here.

This was a project I completed about seven years ago. This original 6105 dial was macked with substantial water damage. I almost threw it away. I had been swapping emails with Ramon aka "thewatchcollector" from the Philippines. He mentioned that he had someone he works with that was able to redial 6309 and 6105 dials in different colors. I think he could do white, black, silver, red, yellow, blue, and orange. I went for the orange color. I also sent him the corroded set of hands with the dial which were refurbed and relumed to match the dial. I was more blown away by the results on the corroded hands, they were pretty bad. They had to have been re rodium plated or something. I never followed up on how he did the hands. I think the result was pretty cool. I took awhile to get them back, as I recall it about four or five month wait. I don't know if he still offers this service.

I was fun to read the opinions about "aftermarket" in the above responses. The watch is composed of all seiko factory parts less the martec band. I would just say the dial has been artistically updated to it's present orange state.
Totally agree and i really like it, in fact i would really like to own one for a TST :)
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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