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One to take to the top - Summiter

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While recently in Japan I purchased this LandMaster Summiter.

It is a relatively uncommon model and has a number of unique functions for a LandMaster.

It features a Barometric pressure meter (500-1050hPa.1hPa units), an atmospheric pressure trend display that is useful for predicting weather changes and a lowest pressure recording and recall function.

It features the 7K32 movement that I believe was only used on this model but I am not 100% sure.

This example is from October 1998 and it was, as you would expect, part of the Sports range, it came with the original inner box and manual.

The bracelet came with all the original links so I had no problems sizing it. The bracelet, bezel and watch body are all titanium so it wears easily.

The case back also has a location to record your personal details, presumably to make identification of your body easier in the event of an accident :eek:hmy:

The bracelet also has an adjustable extension to make it easier to wear over heavy climbing clothing.

This would have been a nice watch to test out when I climbed Mt. Fuji a few years ago but at that time I had just a G-Shock and orange monster with me.

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Beautiful model! Love titanium too! CONGRATS!
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