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Early POs are among my favorite divers

I have been diving the better part of 40 years now and even in the digital diving age, I still wear a mechanical dive watch even if I'm staying in the 1st atmosphere.

I have a Doxa 1200T, a 5513 Sub, a BPFF, a Vulcain Cricket Nautical, a first generation 2500C PO, a Bond seamaster quartz, and some Seiko divers that all get wrist time in salt water. When I want to go deep (I do technical dives every year or two), I always reach for my Orca dive computer and my PO. It's comfortable, even on the subpar factory bracelet, the lume is killer good, the bezel action inspires confidence, it keeps impeccable time, and I'm not afraid to bang it on anything. I have never experienced any of the issues attributed to the 2500C movement but I keep all my divers serviced per manufacturers' recommendations. In short, the 42mm 1st gen PO is the perfect general purpose diver. There are others that I think are perfect too. I think my BPFF is the most beautiful diver there is. I think my dad's 5513 is the quintessential diver, though I only splish-splash in the surf with it now; it's older than I am. I think the Vulcain does something almost no other mechanical diver can do with its mechanical vibrating alarm. My Doxa? If it was good enough for Jacques Cousteau and Dirk Pitt, it's good enough for me. It's the one that gets the most looks on the dive boat and it's the toughest watch in my collection.

But...I still reach for my PO when I'm going deep.
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