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I recently had passed down to me a Olma Incabloc 17-Jewel Sea Cup swiss made watch , the watch was purchased new in the late 1950's & hasnt been in use & stored away since 1975 .
I figured it wont work since it been stored away since 1975 . But i proceeded to wind the crown & the Olma just come life immediately & to my total amazement ran all day & kept its time accuracy to chronometer standard - 2 sec variance .
The watch is typical of watches made in the 50's , being its simple in its design & has a 32mm case without the crown & 35mm case with the crown , the dial is silver in appreance & the indexes & hands are gold . The minute hand seems to curve over the dial at its pointy end , the watch is water proof & anti-magnetic with a stainless steel case back .
I hope to get the Olma to a watchmaker to get it serviced & fit a nice new leather strap , this watch is priceless to me & is my pride & joy for sentimental reasons & will stay as the centre piece of my very small & humble watch collection .

Check out Olma Watch Co link below


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