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OK... I'm about ready to give up....... HELP

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WHERE on this particular movement is the crown/stem assembly release button located?? I have looked and looked and tried poking everything I could to be able to release the stem assembly so I can remove the movement but I cant find it or figure it out! TIA
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Giving up isn't the end of the world, especially since it looks like you have a few other issues, one at least being that the reset lever is out of place- the train bridge will have to be removed to correct this. Here is the portion of the tech guide that talks about stem removal:

And the rest of the tech guide:
Before disassembling any movement, I find it a good idea to study the tech guide entirely to make sure I am up to the task of successfully completing the repair.
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Thank you for the info! No flippin' wonder I couldnt get the darn thing out! I'm not tech savvy enough to do this on my own so I guess a trip to my watch guy is inevitable!
Thanks too for the informative guide!! ;)
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