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OK, check out this El Bayo 6138 and tell me if you can spot the problem

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the joke is that NINE bidders are at war over this thing!
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Techno: no the seller (in the Philippines, natch) says it's amazing and rare.

Mike is the winner, couldn't believe that the freakin' tach ring is UPSIDE DOWN :)) and there are multiple bidders on it. I didn't pick up on the dial being AM but yes it is - font on "Seiko" is wrong - all parts of "S" are the same thickness instead of the thin cross-strokes that it's supposed to have

I'll post how much it goes for in the end.
yes, you're right, he does. It's still amazing, though.
tunafied said:
so how much did the bidding war resulted in? :D

Still going - tomorrow night is the finish. I was wrong - there are eight bidders currently, and it's at $57 currently.
Four hours left, up to $61, top bidder has 1300 feedback!

What does he know that we don't??
It went for $105
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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