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Official Seiko custom cases - Dentsu Anniversary

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I recently acquired a Seiko pocket watch that was produced for the 70th Anniversary of the Japanese Dentsu Ad agency in 1971.

Dentsu is an international advertising and PR agency that was founded in Japan in 1901. They have worked with Seiko on numerous campaigns over the years and were involved in early Japanese commercials. It is quite possible that they may have helped produce Japan's first TV commercial that was created by Seikosha

Dentsu continues to work with Seiko and was responsible for the recent successful Tokyo Marathon campaigns.

In 1973 Dentsu became the world largest advertising agency and today is still number five globally, the market leader in Japan and many other countries.

In 1971 to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the company Dentsu had a pocket watch created and I believe this was distributed to staff and potentially key customers. I am not sure of the number of units produced but these seem to come up for sale quite often in Japan auctions.

The watch features an electronic 37A movement and a silver 885 case and chain clasp with the case number of 37-3000.

It has a unique dial and case design that was obviously only used on this model as the back states Dentsu Ad.

I am not aware of any other model that was produced by Seiko specifically for a private commission.

We have seen numerous models featuring company engraving or logos applied to the dials of regular models such as seen with the ScubaPro models, but I do not know of any other instance of a totally unique model being produced for non-sale.

Does anyone now of another unique model that was specifically manufactured for a customer and not sold publicly.

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Wow !! That is amazing Anthony !! What a pride that would be to wear it inside your coat pocket !! :3tens:
Very nice -- I like this a lot! What kind of accuracy do you get from the electro-mechanical movement?

Ed B.
I am not really sure of the accuracy of this piece as the as there is no second hand or minute markers so it is very hard to tell exactly how accurate this one is.

I have a couple of other electronic Seiko's and find the generally quite accurate. I think that they were spec'd to 10-15 seconds per month when new and the simple movement does not have too much to go wrong with it.

I guess that no one else has an example of a unique Seiko model that was not produced for sale, so this is quite unusual.
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