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Still having a bit of a clean out (hope to clean lots out over the next year) and came across this 6105 "project" that i have neglected (forgot i had)..

The good:
  • Decent original bezel which performs as it should.
  • Original crown and stem.
  • Case never polished and all original (good).
  • Chapter ring superb, often not on these models.
  • Crystal like new so i may have changed it but i honestly forget if and when.
  • Running well see Timgrapher picture.
  • Movement very clean.
  • Sealing surfaces good.
  • Date works as intended.
  • Original OEM dial and hands.

The bad:
  • The dial is poor see pictures.
  • The hands are poor see pictures.
  • The case back is incorrect, the original was VERY poor and i dumped it.
  • Even though the movement seems to be running really well the service history if there is any is unknown.

All comments above are true to the best of my knowledge, if you notice i have made a mistake please notify and accept my apologies.

So really i am selling this as a project watch not as your holy grail so please view it as a project.

Offers invited(perhaps even interested in partial trades), please pm/email if you need to know more, watch and I are in the UK.

I am desperate for a bracelet for my 7A28-7080 Titanium or even the clasp complete with the end links(clasp end links) for fitting to bracelet.

Please note if you make an offer and i don't respond i am not being ignorant I am just saying thank you for taking an interest but no thank you to your offer.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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