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First and foremost this is offered as a project, this 6139-8010 dates from Feb 1973.

This model is not quite as common as the 600Xs and is pretty unique due to the black coating which no other 6139 has.

The dial is in superb condition but I am not sure at all whether the hands are original to this model ? I havent seen many of these but what i've seen had a different style ?

This one is running strong and the counter hands snap back to zero, day and date change normal and quick set, movement is very clean.

The black coating has been lost on the edges on both sides as per the pictures.

The gaskets are original and need changing.

A new crystal gasket is needed as the crystal is very loose and dose not stay in place, i dont know whether these are cemented in but i do think that it should be friction fit, so new gasket needed.

Crystal is very clean with only a couple of marks.

The movement needs a service as it will run but I have not checked for how long and I have done no accuracy checks, basically I have done nothing to this at all so sold as a project only, do not buy it thinking that you could wear it right off, service and crystal gasket the bare minimum required.

Any interest in buying or trading please pm/email, thanks.

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