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Oct 1969 Grand Seiko 4522-7000

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I've been hunting for a Grand Seiko specifically from August 1969 for some time.
This proved to be an extremely difficult endeavour, not just because I was limiting myself to just that one specific month of 1969, but also, I had a minor problem with the commonest Grand Seikos of that era, the 6146.

Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous watches, but I just found the classic 'Grammar of Design' 6146-8000 a bit staid and boring, with only the 'cross-hair' variant and the funkier (and rare) 6146-8020 slightly more interesting.

So I was very intrigued to find this 4522-7000 GS in Japan.
Firstly it was gold-capped - a relative rarity in late 60s Grand Seikos.
Then it had a linen dial, which I absolutely loved, and which was, again, uncommonly found in 60s Grand Seikos.
Lastly, it had what I thought to be a really interesting case design, with the flared, angular, tapering case reminding me somewhat of Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 fighter!
To better appreciate the stunning beauty of this unique case in it's original, unpolished form, check out the gorgeous photos in this Swedish post, and this Vietnamese post - I truly think the 452x-7000 is the best kept secret in late 60s Grand Seikos!

Sadly, this one had a damaged dial - someone in the past must have tried to scrape off the patina with sandpaper, and it's got a worn, possibly replacement crown.
But no matter - I could not resist what would be my first dress watch, first gold watch, first linen dial, and first Grand Seiko!
Alas, it dated to October 1969 - just two months younger than yours truly!

Oh, BTW, if anyone has a replacement crown for this 4522-7000, I'd be very interested!
Thanks for reading

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This is gorgeous... the cases on these vintage GS's are hard to believe. Such interesting geometry...makes it's swiss contemporaries look dull. I had the pleasure of trying on a friends 6146-8030 the other day and didn't want to take it off.

Love the linen dial too. Great get!
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