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to be honest i can live with them being a min or two out a day and it does not overly concern me but i will regulate them to be better most of the time but as i say it dosent bother me.

Well on Saturday i put a 6309 movement in my 7549 Tuna just so that i could wear the watch as at the time the original quartz movement was not running (it is now ;) ) and after a day i noticed it was about 45seconds fast so i gave it a "tweak" and i have been keeping an eye on it ever since and after 4 (four) days it is running 1 (one) second fast !! amazing for a movement over 30 years old and all i have ever done with this movement is retrofit it with a hacking kit and just clean/oil it.

I have noticed in the past though on other auto's of mine that life style and wear patterns can alter the time keeping as well ie: hard days work or lazy days etc.

Just shows why the 6309 has lived so long :)
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