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Noob question: where to get a crystal gastket for SNZH?

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Hi, new here! I'm working on a first Seiko project, a snowflake mod for a blue SNZH. I ordered a sapphire crystal from Yobokies, but Harold does not have a matching new crystal gasket. I'd reaaly like to know where I can get one, or the specs I am looking for. Thnx so much!
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Hi I've recently had gasket issues with some Seiko's I've been restoring and I found a bit of information which is probably common knowledge.

I use an "I" rather than an "L" profile gasket.

Measure the internal diameter of the watch case where the gasket/crystal will fit, ie 30mm, then subtract 0.8 mm.

The gasket you will need is 30mm by 29.2mm.

If the crystal is thick (2mm etc) you will need a gasket with depth of 1.2mm.

(I think the other standard thickness is 0.8mm)

The gasket will fit securely but I wouldn't guarantee water resistance , its not an issue for me!!

Cousins in the UK


Esslinger in the US

both have a full range

Hope this helps, its worked for me

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your complete answer, but I'm afraid I don't quite understand. I was hoping someone could point me at the right gasket that has knowledge of the SNZH range...?
Sorry I misunderstood.

If you go to this link

and fill in the 8 digit number on the case back (SNK is just a range of styles, the 8 digit number gives you the movement and specific case and similar looking watches can often use different parts) you can quickly search for the correct gasket.
Being an international forum, if you give your location, people may be able to help you further. Plastic gasket for glass, part number 86620310
Thnx! Location is EU, so Cousin's would be the logical choice. But they don't seem to have this particular part. And next to that their shipping costs are ridiculous, especially when your currency is € or $. I thought this would be easy to source, but that not the case I'm afraid...
Try a WTB on the trade forum, or try KKH services in Guildford.
The trade section is off limits below 50 posts, right? Anyway, I contacted KKH and am grateful for another part source om my list! Thnx.
No, wrong - WTB's are open to anyone.
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