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Non standard bezels???

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Question about bezel inserts. I have an SRP127K (world timer bezel) that has a cracked insert. Seiko doesn't sell the insert and the bezel with the insert is almost half the cost of the watch. And, I'm not crazy about the worldtime insert and would rather just get some other type insert (but if someone has one, I'd be interested). So, the thing I'm trying to find out is if anyone knows who might sell inserts of different sizes. The ID is (to get close to the crystal since there is no real inside edge to the bezel) 30.9mm and the OD is 39.5mm. The actual width of the worldtime bezel is 4.3mm. I believe the insert from the Sumo is close (thanks John), but no cigar. So, does anyone know a source for other than the standard size insert.

Mike V
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Thanks. I had seen that when searching but none of those sizes would work, but a nice data base. The search continues.
I saw this which says the SRP127 shares a case with the FFF.
So talk to Jake @ Dagaz, maybe he can help you.
This was going to be my next step--see what others bezels might fit this case. I'll take a look. Thanks.
Well, after taking a look, it does appear to be the same case, but some questions for anyone who has an SNZH59. Is the bezel uni or bi directional? Does it "click"? The SRP127 has a bi directional bezel and it just has a rubber gasket holding it on. I wonder if it would even be possible to swap them without other modifications.

And, does anyone have one they are not using they want to get rid of!
You can place a WTB on the trade forum. If you want to know about inserts, contact Jake at or yobokies or Rob at monsterwatches.
Thanks for the link. I had not seen that one. The issue is, though, that the SRP127 bezel has no inner ring. The 127 bezel is wider than a normal insert (4.3mm) and goes right up to the crystal. So getting an insert with the right OD is only half the battle. It needs to have that non-standard ID to keep from having a large gap between the crystal and the insert.

I also talked to Jack at IWW and he felt the fact that the other bezel (from the FFF) being ratcheted would be a problem. I am still trying to track this problem down. It would be nice of this works because I could then change the insert any time I need with a readily available one as opposed to the situation I have now.

Thanks again for all the help you have given.

The other main thing to consider is, that the SNZH55 crystal is actually 1mm smaller in diameter than the SRP127 and I think it's domed as well. So I presume this is why the inner trim ring is necessary on the SNZH55 bezel.
So the gap might not be as big as you think.
I think this is going to be one of those situations where I just have to try and find one and buy it to see if it works. I'll keep my eyes open.

Appreciate the help.

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