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Ray, I think bork has a point as to why you're not getting much on this. I own mostly what I like...there are many I like and can't own...too expensive and I only have two arms (which don't even offer much real estate for display)! The rest, I just don't care this would be a long list to post. To give you something, however: Tag...very popular...decently executed...decent to service...just don't personally like the appearance of most of them...and casing parts/bracelets pricing is obscene. Breitling chronographs...too gaudy...and casing parts (eg gold screws in bezels) love to break...not only will I not own one, we no longer service them (although I like the vintage models). Don't like anything Cartier makes fact if the maker has a "French" name, casing is usually abysmal to work on (with some exceptions). So there you have it...just didn't want you to think you were being ignored...Regards, BG
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