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No more TiZilla and AutoZilla

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I was just at a store on Chesnut street in Philly that has more Citizen's then anywhere else in the city. I asked about the Ti, which was one of ther only one's I didn't see, and the owner took out the 2010 catalouge which only had the SS in both strap and bracelet, and a bunch of new watches. He took the 2009 catalogue and that had the Ti and the Auto right there next to the SS. He said he thinks the new Ti one replces it??

Anyone know what the deal is?
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The AutoZilla was axed by Citizen last year, and this year it was the EcoZilla's (Ti) turn, unfortunately.
thats is crazy... The Ti Ecozilla is awesome!
Time said:
thats is crazy... The Ti Ecozilla is awesome!
Correction: ALL of them are awesome, both SS and Ti! ;)
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