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Nice Site - Glad to be Here!

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First post so I'm going to try to post a photo. Here's my old mid-1980's Quartz Chrono. I bought her new around 1985 and she now sits in retirement, although she runs if I put a battery in her.

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Welcome too...great classic 7A28 version! a classic for sure!
Welcome. You completed the first step of addiction.
I agree mike. The folks here tend to be nurturing and welcoming, cheers.
Hi and welcome to the forums. You seem to already have a very nice collection there in your signature. Look forward to hearing your views on all of them.
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Hi guys, thanks for having me on your site. Have collected Seiko and Citizen for years, and always found them good reliable work-horses. posting a photo of a recent acquisition, nice size and weight. Time setting is digital (no winder) so it took me a bit of getting used to! Look forward to participating on the site. :eek: Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap
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Didn't read your signature. Looks like your already hooked.
What the hell is going on! This was from 2010! ?
Seems like some people are slow readers:grin:
welcome to the forum! enjoy the sickness..... :grin:

<* shark >>><

ps - super slow reader here.. =[
Doh! Didn't see that! Why bump a thread from 2010 Snikey?!

ps: Hi and welcome to the forums Philandlinda!

so waht happened to Mike Rivera in the five year span that lapsed?
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