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Wow, okay, so his second post was a bit snarky - but his first post was typical of somebody going to the trouble of searching out an appropriate venue for his question and he gets accused of coming up with a cock and bull story? Ouch. Then he gets told people haven't got the time to answer or maybe the inclination and a guess that he's just going to disappear.
Sort of have to wonder why he'd want to stick around after the warm welcome. The point about active members questions being more likely to get answered is a valid one - but HOW is someone going to get active here when they come with a specific question and it gets ignored?
Heck, I'm here after almost 40 years of interest in watches, have at least some knowledge to share but after 40+ posts some of my stuff still gets ignored so that sort of lessens the urge to participate. Not a criticism of the forum but more of an honest observation. Maybe some people could reconsider how the place appears to newcomers is all.

PS: I was a participant on the old network54 forum years ago until real life got in the way and I had to curtail a lot of my interests for about a 10 year stretch.
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