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New Seiko watches

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Seiko will release two new(ish) series of watches in Japan during October.

First are two watches in the Giugiaro reissue series that started last year.

The SCED023 quartz chrono, JPY28000, limited edition 2500 watches.

The SCED025, JPY30000, limited edition 2500 watches

The SCVE Spirit automatic series with a 24h subdial and a 4R37 caliber, JPY 25000 list price, the watch is also available in version with a blue, red and orange subdial.

- martin
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It is a pity that this shape watch will not be available with a 7T62 movement. I really like the alarm function. Something different.
I like the SCED023
Like the 023, missed out on the first batch last year (finger was hovering over the keyboard ...) those should be easier to get. Unless I can order one thru the Seiko boutique in NYC I probably could use someone's help to broker a deal from Japan. ( I have an acct with buyee but never pulled the trigger on anything.

I do not favor the odd off-center mounting. Too unusual for my tastes, but I sure like the dials and bezels.

The 4R37 movement can be had for $139 on Amazon in a Seiko 5 case:

The 25,000 JPY equates to $230. Not sure why the premium. Probably the fit and finish of the case and bracelet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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