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New Seiko Fieldmasters! >>>

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I just saw these over on Isozaki's watch blog!






<b>SBDC015 Limited Edition</b>


More info here:


- Thomas

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(1) Seiko is really lacks of creativity :mad:
(2) So finally a cheap auto tuna for everyone :-*
Those will make the perfect base for nice mods into divers!
I'd love the first one with a SKX kinda bezel.
I find the original a bit buzy
45mm diameter, sapphire crystal, 200m (according to his blog), and a 6R15 in there... interesting. The bezel is way, way too busy though... :-[
Good job there Thomas!!! I have been wondering what these were going to look like.
Thanks folks, although they seem to expensive to me, for a Tunamaster! ;)

Sid, I sort of agree with your creativity observation, but I bet it has more to do with maximizing profits by reusing parts then a real lack of creative talent. ???

Still, to us close observers, it's like a slap in the face! :p

- Thomas
Apart from the bezel insert its nice, but not my cup of tea. I really like the hands though.

I wonder if the strap on the second one is canvas or leather - cool if its canvas...kind of Indiana Jones!
seikomatic said:
(1) Seiko is really lacks of creativity :mad:
+1. Nothing special in the design. I wonder if their lack of creativity is a result of cost reduction in reusing/recycling the existing tooling in dials and hands.
How much are they? What is the pressure rating? Where can I get a diver bezel insert? I have no use for a compass insert, but would certainly look at getting one of these if the pressure rating was at least 100m and I could put a diver bezel insert in it.

andy b.

EDIT - Well I found the price and it is about $900. I guess that puts the end to that project. :)
What is wrong with Seiko these days. It seems like they've been reading watch forums and all they know how to do know is take popular watches stick different dials and bezels in them, charge double the price, and then try to tell you they are selling something special. I swear with every new seiko like this that I see, the more I want to collect more vintage models.
Agreed Isthmus! I still prefer Vintage Seiko. Here is my AGS Titanium Fieldmaster,

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I'd happily wear the 011 - looks cool, but my guess (as with the new Alpinist) they will be over-priced.
Not particularly original but kinda retro

Blimey! £650...that is just silly.
I'd buy one at £200 at most- but then again, I am a bit tight
I love the dial on these. One of the nicest I have seen from Seiko. I wish they would make a diver with it. I would choose the 011 model out of the three. It is the most unique of the bunch.
I know its not a divers watch, but that compass bezel is useless to me. So it's a tuna dressed up with a compass bezel.... Put a nice GMT pepsi bezel and I bet it would get more takers.
but would certainly look at getting one of these if the pressure rating was at least 100m and I could put a diver bezel insert in it.
20 bar
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