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New Sarb 021

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This just in. I ordered on Sunday and it arrived today, Thursday.

Japan to California in four days for a touch over $500 delivered - amazing.

I needed to fill a hole in my collection with a decent dress watch and I fell in love with some of the photos of this. The movement is the same as in my Sumo, which I've found to very accurate. I liked the bracelet, but I prefer reptile on a dress watch, so I threw on a black lizard band. I'll probably get a black alligator for it soon.

Here she is:

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Great taste! I love mine very much. All steel for me though.

I'm do you think it compares with your European made watches?
My Sinns both use an ETA/Valjoux 7750 movement, which has proven to very accurate and robust. I've owned them both for about four years and they're great (and I don't baby them). The Rolex's are bulletproof - not a pretty movement, but hard to beat for reliability and accuracy. The Seiko 6R15 is proving to be on-par with both of these. I'm very happy with it's performance. I don't need accuracy to the second (or I'd wear my quartz watches more often), so these are all perfect for my needs.

As far as finish goes, I think the Sarb is every bit as nicely finished as the German and Swiss competition. That's the great thing about Seiko's mid-level watches - you get the finish of a $1,500 to $4,000 Swiss watch, for under $1,000. It's no Lange, but I don't see how you can beat these models for under $1,000 anywhere.

Also, I really like it's looks. The next step up from here (for me, in a dress watch) would be an Omega DeVille, and that's $2,000. The Sarb will do nicely for some time.

- Mike
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Congrats Mike it looks great and is a sharp dresser. Love to see it on croc when/if you get one O0
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