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New one just landed ,boy am I chuffed

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Waited a long time for one of these to come along at the right time, [ meaning when I had the cash to buy it :grin:]

Thought I'd share a few pics with you lot:)

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One word Jim "WOW" (i think i saw that one for sale) :clap::clap::clap:
It's like stepping back in time :)
That is a Beauty Jim! You Lucky Dog!
It looks like your patience paid off in a big way. Enjoy that sweet looking watch.
Bingo,,, Great Score Jim :)
Very nice, this is one of my favorites models. Yours is probably the best I've seen!
Stunning! Congratulations :clap::clap:

Amazing condition!

Wear it in good health!
Fantastic find "saved from the back of the sock draw"...

I wonder what you will be wearing for the next couple of days now ;)
Didn't know they were still in production :p
Very nice that fella.
Jimmy that's an absolute stunner mate.......

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1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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