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Some time ago my father in law gave me his old 6139-8020. According to him he purchased it in Japan
during his travels sailing across the world.

A few days ago i found it again in a drawer and i thought why not do a bit of searching for it to get
more info about it. I have used the serial date calculator and according to that it is from June 1972...

It doesnt run at the moment but im thinking about having it repaired cuz im kinda hooked on these
watches now seeing all the different beautifull vintage ones on this website :) So i have my father
in law to blaim for all the cash im gonna spend on these vintage kinetic watches (good excuse
towards wife also).

Anyway... Here is my question... My father in law told me he never changed the leather strap, but the
only watches of this type i can find are with a metal strap??? The leather strap has the same holes in
it like the metal one, so is this a Japan only version?

Also, if i would have it repaired what would it be worth?

I cannot post images due to the fact i havent posted 5 times yet so i put in a direct link to my
bucket below... (bending the rules a bit :grin:)

Copy paste (or click) the link below in ur browser and the pictures of the watch should come up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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