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New JDM Citizen models and other interesting developments....

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I was perusing the Citizen Japan official site ( and was presented with new model releases to celebrate the company's 80th year anniversary.

Here are some of the notable new offerings for 2010. Please note these watches are Japan domestic market only:

Citizen Automatic Caliber 0910, 18K gold model #CTY57-1281 (Retail price: 800,000 JPY or USD $8,681 at today's exchange rates)

Next up, is The Citizen BY0039-00E with the newly updated H611 radio controlled module:

Retail price is 262,500 JPY or USD $2,847 at today's exchange rates

This is the same watch, but the model #BY0030-04E variant that also retails for 262,500 JPY:

More models to follow......
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minidriver said:
Could this well be the upcoming 4th generation Citizen Skyhawk AT? ??? ?


You are probably looking at the Skyhawk AT 4th gen successor, the Promaster Sky model #PMV65-2271 in full Ti + Duratect. Note the "Nighthawk" like case, slide rule bezel under the crystal and the updated U680 Radio controlled ana-digi module, with China (BPC call signal) atomic sync and 3.5 year power reserve (Up from 2.5 year in the outgoing U600 module). This one retails for around USD $800 from the Japanese 3 amigos.

This is the leather strap version, model #PMV65-2272:

Both of these Promaster Sky watches were released at the end of April 2010.

These are cool and everything, but I think I like the "old" (a.k.a. current) Skyhawk much better. The bezel seems more aesthetically pleasing on that one, and at least in these pics this bracelet looks a little too refined for this type of watch. Just my opinions. I will say, I am excited to see what else is coming to the U.S.!
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