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minidriver said:
The following are new release radio controlled 3 hand analogues from the Attesa collection. The following photos could give us an idea of how the new US spec Citizen R/C 3 hand analogues may look like (Hear, Dominic you teaser? :D ):

Attesa model #'s ATD53-3071, ATD53-3072 & ATD53-3073 with leather strap:

These are made in Titanium, have 200m or 20 bar water resist cases, Radio controlled (These only sync in Japan) and use the H110 2 hand R/C analogue module.

Retail prices are 73,500 JPY or USD $798 for the bracelet versions and 68,250 JPY or USD $740 for the strap version.

Really hope they make it to the U.S. At the current projected discount (40%) price of $479, can you say, "Move over, Oceanus (Casio)?" A SS version will significantly drop the price. Let me be the first in line, right next to my wife (she wears a Citizen).

I'm patient but MiniDriver has provided a lot of drool-worthy materials today. Thanks. Can't wait.
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