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'New' Incoming Promaster Aqualand

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Afternoon guy's, I hope that you are all in good health :)
As i am on holiday this week and my car failed the M.O.T. today, too the tune of 1k :(:mad:, so I scrapped it there and then, now reduced to my Mountain bike.....I thought that I was in need of a 'pick me up'. I was trolling through our favourite auction site and happened on this. I have always liked the look of these and as this was on B.I.N. So I pressed the button...I think that I have probably paid 'all of the money' for it......
Apparently, it comes with the original box all manuals etc etc :)
I attach a few pics, I will post more when it arrives on Friday.
As usual, any comments, adverse or otherwise are most welcome :)
Thks in advance,
:) P.S. I feel much happier now !!! :)


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Not a fan Viny, tried to like them but just dident happen but i do like the digital ones, nice buy though with box/papers etc :)
Thks Tiger....
I know what you mean though, a bit of an aquired taste I guess.....I may not, when it arrives home, as I have never seen one 'in the flesh' as it were :) Still I guess it's good we don't all like the same styles:)
I like it! I have "a few" of those...tried to buy one just like yours with blue face and "thick trim" around 9 and 12 subdials but didn't win it. I've never seen that box before - interesting, maybe that style was sold in the UK vs. USA? Cheers!
Thks, yeah maybe it was, the only ones that I have seen come with the 'Scuba tank' case.
That's a serious set there Vyn !
I've always had a soft spot for the Aqualands and that's a ice one.

Like you I thought they usually came in the "Scuba tank" case but that box is gorgeous.

Kind Regards

Hi Graham :) I hope that you are well ? And thk you very much.
The Aqualand arrived here today, the vendor kindly sent it Special Delivery ( all included in the BIN price.)Which was btw £135, all of the money i think ,but it is in very good 'nick'. The guy dropped a note in too say that the strap was original to the watch and he had it since new. I am very pleased with it tbh.
Thks for your comments mate.
I'm in for aqualands always want one but hoping to catch one at a good price.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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