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New help getting into a 7006-5019

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I'd like to get at the movement in this Seiko but I can't figure out how to get into the case

SS back with base metal top. Here is a photo of one I found on the net

There are two groove between the lugs and it looks like the back should push out if I push on the crystal from teh fron but I don't want to force it to find out I'm wrong.

Has anyone opened a case like this before?
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Does it look like the one in the attached link..? If not the a photo of the back would help. Tricky Watch Cases.htm

OK.. found an image of the case back in the SCWF database.

Looks like it is similar to the one in the post above.

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It looks similar to the photo you found but has one wide groove between each lug instead of the two holes like the one in the link you posted.

I don't seem to be able to push in the grooves to release any springs
I got it open with a full sized screwdirver and a lot of pressure.

It is a similar concept to the photos already posted.

I'll post some photos for other's reference after I clean some of the gunk off it
As a complete coincidence, somebody else just posted how to open one of these on another forum complete with photos.

Here is a link to it:
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