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New Beater from the 'Bay - Some Pulsar Love

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Greetings from muggy Georgia!

This V736-6a20 came in last week from the 'bay with some coil damage. Turns out that the V736 and the (still in production) 7n36 are interchangeable. Been wearing it about a week as my daily beater. Case finishing isn't quite up to the level of contemporary Seikos, but hey - also not too bad for their budget brand either! I was thinking about a new crystal, but decided that the light surface scratching will help to ensure it stays my beater.

Any other Pulsar fans out their?



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Pulsar you say, think I have a few oldies somewhere.

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Here you go, I like Pulsars......:cool:.....Bob.

Look like we've got a before and after set of Pulsars here Bob, Argos back in the day ?
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