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Yup, I am the lucky fella who bought Stoph's Tokkotai.:)
And its a cracker! Absolutely love it!:)
I discussed the purchase with my wife and I suggested I buy this unique watch as my 50th birthday 2016:)
We are also going to Japan in 2016 on a Rugby trip so that would be the perfect watch to wear up there...she agreed!
So here it is, on my wrist briefly before my wife takes it away from me:03:
Now my task is to talk her into giving it to me for Xmas...This Xmas!:a035:
Think positive and good things happen...along with me being a loving attentive agreeable husband for the next four months:91:
Wish me luck!
Thanks to Stoph for a hassle free trade, cheers Stoph!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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