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New Arrival - Seiko 6138-7000

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I just received this watch last night from fellow forum member ghostzapper, who is a great guy by the way, thank you for a smooth and well packed transaction!!.

So apparently this 6138-7000 slide rule spent a decent portion of its life safely tucked away in a draw and is in absolutely outstanding condition. The case lines are perfect and nice and crisp and there are zero marks on the outer edge of the rotating ring. If it has ever been polished, it has been done very very nicely. The pointer ring is after-market but apparently everything else is original. It keeps excellent time too! The hands are a sort of almost flourescent looking red/orange color. It has the original acrylic crystal which actually confused me at first until I found some catalog scans that show acrylic was the original material on this particular model (apparently the only 6138 that didn't use hardlex..). Its also on an original bracelet as well which is a huge bonus!!

This is the first of these I have owned and great clarity reference shots of known original examples seem hard to come by to judge the case finish etc...Sorry for the cell phone pictures but I wanted to share and I was at work. Will post daylight enhanced ones when I get a chance.
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That's one NICE 6138-7000, AJ!

The cursor ring is one of my reproductions. These took me a year and a month of development to get them exactly like the originals save the color. I chose to go clear so that no one could ever misrepresent my repros as genuine. I am the only source of these hard to find parts.

I had a handful of the real deal a couple years ago and put them on eBay one by one. The auctions were no reserve and and the last one went for $285.00. That is what inspired me to reproduce them in modern acrylic at a far more reasonable cost.

By way of a slightly ironic twist, the watch on its way to you from Croatia is the one other 6138 model using an acrylic crystal. 6138-8020/8021 use the 350T02ANSO, 35mm across and the largest Seiko wrist watch crystal in plastic. Their stopwatches and clocks, of course, use even bigger acrylics.
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