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Hi Guys,

I've been looking to get a World Time GMT for a while now and found one with box and paper. Here are some question I have that I hope you guys can helps answers:

1. Dial - is this dial all original correct for dial code -6424T (Dial, hands, etc)? Most of the pictures I see online are with dial code -6420T which has the Lume on the dial market and hands.

2. Bezel - The bezel does not rotate, what could be the issue? When I first got it, it would rotate slightly from 12 o'clock to 1 then it felt as if the gear inside slip and is not catch on anymore so the bezel won't rotate :undecided:

3. Time Keep - After about a 30 second shake, the watch would run for about 2 minutes than stop. Does it need to be serviced? How much does services on these watch normally cost?

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