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I know what you're thinking.....isn't this the same guy that posted his Citizen 300m titanium diver and then sold it because he was moving away from divers?!

Well yes.....but ever since Anthony posted his 80's Citizen catalogue and Brigalow his collection I was always intrigued by the "Night Diver" version of the rare Citizen 300m titanium diver. Having never come across one in 2+ years of searching, however, I concluded that it was "hen's teeth" and one that would stay on my unobtainium wish list.

Its funny how sometimes when you stop looking for something, it suddenly pops up.

When I miraculously found this one, I convinced myself that I needed a diver that was smaller than my 6105/6306's, monsoon season is right around the corner, and well, its cheaper than a Heuer Night Diver so...

Before I knew it was mine and off it went to my favorite watchmaker who cleaned, replaced the battery and water pressure-tested it.

Its a very 80's watch, but I prefer straps that taper at the buckle so I fitted it on a 22mm/16mm swiss tropic strap to give it a more vintage feel. It also works well with on my 6306's gl831.

As I wrote in my previous write-up, the "jagged edge" bezel on these divers are very cool and the Delorean grayish-silver titanium case makes these very light and comfortable for a 300m rated diver

The lumed dial ("Night Diver") style is a very good change of pace from your regular black dial divers. I'm not sure why more brands didn't produce these style of dials. The only other non-Citizen Night Diver I'm aware of is the Heuer Night Diver series, including the one that Tony Dalton wore in one of the Bond films. The stark contrast between the black and greenish-white dial gives it a very distinct, stealth character. I love how the jet black seconds hand moves very crisply and the beautifully shaped outlined index markers at 6, 9 and 12.

Anyways enough writing...I'm lazy these days and take all pics with my iPhone, please excuse the lack of focus…also, I don't know how to get my iPhone to focus properly in the dark so no lume pic...yet.


IMG_2246 by ghwatch, on Flickr

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gorgeous watch...great find
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