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So, after deciding that No, I didn't need anymore 6309's as I have two perfectly good ones. Both of which are good runners & can even be dived with.

Then to quote Noel Coward "I can resist anything, except temptation!"

I saw a listing on ebay for "Seiko Dive Watch 150 meters."

No model number, no description other then "Had this a long time, not original strap"

So I clicked on it. Well, you have to, don't ya, lol!

And I saw these two rather outa focus images.

To cut a long(ish) story short & "He who hesitates loses" I smashed in a low bid & damn me I won

It was not all gravy though. The Seller had next to no history or feedback so I might not even have got it. But hay, that's what Ebay/Paypal' protection is for, right.

Worse that could happen was that I'd get a refund in 8 days (well, worse that can happen is I lose my money, but cant see that happening, always had good luck with ebay/paypal so well ride it a bit longer

Well, its looking like riding the risk train is still working for me, which is good coz I'm not changing my habits this late in life

But I gambled (the guy had Zero Feedback, Zero Sales in 7 years), pulled the trigger & won.

So, she's here. a few quick pic's I took @ work:-

First off, its had a HARD life. Turns out the seller works in house removals & has worn this puppy daily for years.

She'll need a new crystal for sure (but I tend to do that anyway) and I think a gasket swop & pressure test & I'll leave it there.

Far as I can tell she Original. But I'm sure some of you far more educated in this will chime in & let me know (please).

She sets fine, day sets fine, date sets fine & she fired right up with the smallest of shakes (YAY!)

So, at the minute & 'm wearing it on a blue nato, will sort a gen z22 this week, along with a new window & full gasket set.

So, well, yeah, I'm stoked

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Nice, looks well used but all original to me. A few months ago I sold almost all 6309s and kept only one very good example (and a few 6306s)... it didn't take long till I bought another 6309 again just because it was available and looked nice ;-)
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