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Never seen THIS before...

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Back on the bench after an absence. "Real life" can be a true pain in the butt.

While getting into some estimates for a customer I found this very odd rotating ring anomaly on an otherwise very nice-looking and seemingly all-original 6105-8110 from November 1976:

The rotating ring is missing four grooves. As you can see, the blank spot does not line-up with any other particular feature.

Could this be an instance of Seiko using up the last few parts despite the obvious imperfection as they wound-down production?
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nhoJ said:
LOL...I wonder if this was purchased new today how many people would send it back to Higuchi?

first they would talk about it online, and complain about higuchi first.

actually I have seen some other goofs- that where minor-

Anjoy a PMWF type brought a 6309- diver to a local watch meet in NYC and said he needed to buy 'another click ball' for his 6309 it had two holes drilled for the spring and click ball.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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