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Need some advice...

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...on a 6309-704x ::) .

I'm seriously thinking about getting a vintage diver, and that cushion case would be outstanding, specially since I don't have anything like that in my box, and the prices that I've seen for this watch are affordable to me. The 6105-8119 looks a lot like the 6309 and is a rarer (and therefor more desirable) piece, but prices are pretty higher, so right now I think the 6309 would be a smart option. What I want to hear is your opinions about the following. Look at this pic (from a sale add at TZ - courtesy of jres11):

As you can see, the watch is not pristine, with a scratched case, hands are not too good and the bezel has seen better days, but dial and lume look ok. Let's say I can find a watch in this condition, how hard would it be to make it pristine again? Would I be able to find a new bezel and hands? Can I get the case polished close to a factory look again? And of course, how much would I spend for a top notch restoration of a watch like this :eek: ?

I ask because I like my watches looking as best as possible. I would not like it to look moded, but look new, so of course I would want to use original parts or at least VERY good aftermarket parts. However, I don't even know if I can make the watch look BNIB with aftermarket parts... Since I don't consider myself a collector and I'm definitively not a purist, I would love to have a good-looking 6309 (pristine if possible) but I wouldn't be bothered if 100% of the parts are not factory parts, as long as they have quality.

And now about bracelet/straps. Lug to lug is 22 mm, right? Was the watch ever offered with anything else then rubber straps? Are the correct straps hard to find? I generally prefer a metal bracelet, but if it's totally wrong on the 6309 I'll settle for rubber.

And now the movement: is the 6309 hard to maintain, in terms of parts? I imagine you set the date by pulling the crown to the first stage out, but what about the day? Advancing the hands over midnight until the day changes and then retroceding the hands back to 11pm and going forward again to change one more day? What languages are on the day wheel?

What say you about all this? ::)
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Thanks guys (specially Dave)! O:)

From what you're saying I could get an almost brand-new looking watch, and that's what I was intending. Some wabi is ok, but I rather get it as pristine as possible, even though I'll obviously will have to pay a premium for that. Could anyone give me a rough ballpark for a mint or at least VERY GOOD 6309? This not a project I'll go through right now, so I would like to know how much I'll have to reserve for it when I do get to it.

And about the bracelets, I'm pretty sure a mesh was not stock, but would it be period correct? And what about the oyster? The cool thing about that mesh is that because of the shape of the case, there's only a small gap between the spring bar and case, and therefor the bracelet looks good. I for one don't like when there's a big gap, like for instance what you see when you put an aftermarket without end caps on a Sumo
Ok, that's not too bad. And that what I was thinking: getting a decent example and then having it restored, so the financial part is divided into at least two blows.
Gabe's thread is great! I haven't come by that thread yet, thanks for the link!

Well, looks like my idea is good, and most important of all, feasible. I started thinking about a 6309 because of Noah's Tsunami, but then I reasoned that I could have the real deal. The best part is that I doubt that I'll spend the same on a nice 6309 as I would on a Tsunami.
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I wasn't saying that the Tsunami could substitute a 6309 (or vice-versa). They're in totally different leagues. What got me thinking about the Tsunami was the cushion case, a style that I don't have anything similar in my box. Being honest, if you forget about the history and heritage and just look at them was watches the Tsunami blows a 6309 out of the water so bad it ain't funny.
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