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Need a new main spring for my vintage Lord Marvel

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Hi all, i need a new main spring for my vintage Lord Marvel. The existing one is broken (crown turn and turn without resistance and continuoue). Any one can advise which Seiko caliber uses the same main spring/barrel as this ?

*Hi Stefan , do you happen to have one that i can purchase ?

Thanks in advance.

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The parts list is available here
Not wishing to be rude, but members can be contacted via the forum PM system - (Stefan's forum name is seikochrono)
Hi thanks for the link.

Had done the PM, thank for the reminder.
The mainspring you need is is part number 401550, unfortunately it isn't shared with any other calibre it's unique to the 23 jewel Lord Marvel
Opps ! Thanks cannop for the P/N.

Guess my other chance is wait for Mr Stefan response.
Even if the original is unobtanium - a good watchmaker should be able to test the mainspring strength, measure it's length, thickness, width etc and find a generic mainspring that would fit.
Sigh, tried a couple of used main spring, it either different length, height or thickness.
Had PM Mr Stefan, he travelling and looking forward to his search in the treasure box.
Thanks all for the source.
Got one from ST Supply.

Find another issue thou....... Argn......!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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