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What i've done at beginning of 2019:

Starts from an SKX009 watch.

And ordered parts:

-SKX new OEM gasket set (crystal,back,stem,etc..)
-CTimes Double Domed Saphir Blue AR coating,
-CTimes Bezel Insert Ceramic
- Seiko NH36 movement with stem.

Then i wanted to try a black crown:

Which was great,so i took the Red ''S engraved to match my NH36.
And i ordered the CTimes Black matte Coin Edge bezel.

Nice,with the dark blue chapter ring of the SKX009,it gives a little contrast,not too black.

THE dial:

What makes all the interest of that mod,is the blue Stargate OEM dial.

I do not want a "10bar" inscription,not a custom dial too.I decided first to build this mod with this dial.

And the result:

Here you can see why i choose Yobokies hands with a Chinese daywheel:

Close to perfection:

Here's with a shade grey 5 buckles Nato:

Enjoy !! ;)
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