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hey guys, was andrewbp on the previous forum, ive been on a hiatus for a while because helping my elderly father at his house in a different city.

well today i went to my house where other family members are staying and went to retrieve my seikos since its been a while since i have tinkered with them, as i was going to buy some parts for one ive been wanting to fix up for a while, a 6105-8110 model. a nice 1972 model that was all factory and never molested, all it needed was new diver straps, a new crystal because of it being scratched deep and a ball detent and oring for the bezel. well im more than pissed because there were a few people in the house visiting while i was away and now the watch has grown feet and disappeared, and i searched the whole house for this watch today. it was sitting in the small white box that coserv ships the watches back in so it was not out in plain sight. i cant believe someone would do this to a watch body that just looks average. now im a watch thats worth a few hundred, and i didnt put it in the gunsafe because i figured a watch body in a white box would be perfectly safe in a house.

sorry for the rant, im just aggrivated right now and i know yall would understand my :mad: . guess now ill have to see if its worth fixing this 6619 i have
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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