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Hi everyone,

I just joined the site and thought as my first post I would show you all my collections. The first pic is my Seiko mechanical movement watches, the second are my Seiko quartz movement watches, third are Citizens, fourth are my Pulsar watches and fifth and last pic are my Lorus watches.

First off, there are so many I won't list for now. Second is I know some are not on the original bands (I will let you all in on a secret...all of these and HUNDREDS of others I got at thrifts and have either repaired them or in some cases I'm sad to say broken them. Anyway I love the Seiko Family of time pieces as they were the first watch I decided to collect.

Got to say out of all of them the 71 Bellmatic is my favorite and a watch I wear often. Would love to hear any comments on these, some I've just recently dug out of the piles that I didn't even know I had (the Lorus Mickey Mouse seems to be quite rare, I can't find it anywhere)

Thanks for checking out my post and thanks for the great forum!


P.S Yes Im aware that I have far more ladies watches then gents. I've noticed that the thrift stores have far more ladies then mens but I do buy them up as I find them. Women wear a watch as jewelry but men (on average) wear one watch till it breaks.


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