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My oldest and my newest Seiko

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It was happening again this week: my birthday. And on my birthday, I'm always wearing the watch I was given for my birthday from my late parents, back in 1973. A Seiko 7005-8042. I've been wearing the watch for years as my only watch. I remember clearly that my father and I went to a company called 'Observator' in Rotterdam (my hometown back then). Observator sold all kinds of marine and yachting 'goodies' and my father was a very regular visitor and client at Observator. These guys also sold Seikos. My father told me I was free to pick a nice watch! The company still exists, although not on the same address.

After a few years, the bracelet broke. I was a student back then, and I was not living in Rotterdam anymore. And I remember clearly that I had to search for a Seiko AD. When I found one, they couldn't supply me with new bracelet (off course... ??? ). So... I'm still hoping that someone has a 7005-8042 in a drawer somewhere. And I would give an arm and a leg to get my hands on one! So, please start searching!
My September 1972 7005-8042 never misses a beat. The watch hasn't been serviced since new and it goes on and on and on. That's really something else, compared with the expensive R...x watches that need to be serviced every few years, don't you think!

I thought that it would be nice to take some pics of my first, oldest Seiko and my newest Seiko: a September 2008 Sumo. I bought the watch pre-owned from a fellow forum member on the TZ-UK forum last Winter. (If you want to know the details: the Sumo is on a Isofran-'ish' rubber strap from Eddie Platt - TZ-UK)


Here are some pics:

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Happy birthday! Very cool that your watch is still running after all those years.

My blue Sumo is also from September 2008!

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[move]Happy Birthday![/move]

I love those watches!

Angelis ;D
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