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My 'New' Bambino arrives home

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My Orient Bambino arrived today, I soon jetisoned the mesh bracelet, in favour of the original brown leather one. Unfortunately, some 'muppet' has made an extra hole in the Orient strap in between the pre drilled ones, completely destroying the croc strap effect, grrrrr what a T**t, so I guess its back too ebay to find an original leather strap for it. The watch came with instructions and signed guarantee, no box though, I do have a spare Orient box, shame i dont have a spare strap :( Apart from that lil faux pas, the watch is 'as new' or as near as damnit.
I have attached a cple of pics with both the original strap and the aftermarket mesh one. I think I prefer the leather one, despite the damage too it.


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Thks Steve :) I am impressed tbh :)
Very classy, lovin that dial, Shame about the strap, What lug size is it?
Lovely. Really good looker. Enjoy and congrats !
That's quite an Orient!

:great: :clap:
Great watch. I've been eyeing those for a while now, but I don't really need another white dial watch. I'll stick with my Orient Star JDM model for now. I notice these don't seem to be available in Japan.
Very classy, lovin that dial, Shame about the strap, What lug size is it?
Thks :) 22mm lugs
The Bambino is probably the single best value in a "classic" new dress watch available anywhere. If I didn't already own a few similar vintage watches I would have one. Congratulations!
I had one of these a year or two back and recall the original strap as being fairly subpar, so you're not missing out by having a 'modified' version. The watch itself is a cracker and there are plenty of other leather straps out there that go well with this.
yup thks been looking seen nothing that floats my boat at 22mm atm though :(
The mesh does look cool
I wish the watch as a bit smaller, though
dunno i have a very small wrist and it doesnt wear big, cos of the back it kinda sits in the wrist, i have now had it 3 days and it hasnt lost or gain a second, not bad for a cheap mechanical movement IMHO :)
Yeah, a friend of mine just got one- I'm used to seeing that style/that kind of domed crystal on a Omega Constellation, which is a bit smaller
yeah i had one for a while
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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