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Hi guys,
Just wanted to display my new Grand Seiko purchase to you all..couldn’t contain my excitement so apologies for the rushed pic taken from my iphone.

Introducing the Grand Seiko Quartz Sbgv009 Limited edition anniversary model. Released this year to Celebrate 50 years since their first Grand Seiko 1964 self dater.

This watch ticked all the right boxes for me in terms of design, technology and history.
Moving into Grand Seiko territory was a pretty big step for me and while I seriously considered the automatics and SD I kept coming back to the Quartz model. I also looked into the Citizen Chronomaster models but ended up with a RC Citizen Exceed instead last year.

However, the Grand Seiko is a very different watch on many levels.

I haven’t reviewed any watches before so I will gradually add my thoughts about this watch after a few days of usage.

Thanks for looking.

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Just a quick update as it has been almost a week since I bought my GS Selfdater.

I absolutely, unequivocally love this watch.
The 9F cal. accuracy is impeccable. More over, the second hand as it deftly strikes each marker is completely mesmerising.

The case is superbly finished and extremely well proportioned. Perfect design aesthetic on all counts. It is a very tactile watch. The weight is perfect (for me) - solid but not too heavy as to feel cumbersome under a shirt cuff.
The 37.2mm case size also ensures a confident wear with Tees, short sleeves etc.
Although some might categorise this as a dress watch, in reality it really is an anything goes type of daily beater apart from active sports and diving..

I’ve to yet work out how best to take photos of watch dials and the GS’s Zaratsu polishing just makes it even harder.
Anyway, here is my latest effort taken with my fujifilm x10.

I am of course biased when I say this but Grand Seiko have kept true to their word of ‘Relentless evolution of practicality’ when re-designing this classic model.

Surely this modern update should remain on their roster of Grand Seiko 9F cal. watches rather than a limited edition of 1200.

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Hi john67,
The US Grand Seiko website quotes a manufacturers suggested retail price of $4,000 usd seiko/SBGV009

In Japan GS website the recommended retail price is ¥350,000 yen plus tax.

Using Kakaku in japan to search for the actual ‘street price' averages to around
¥277,000 Yen. Which is just over $2,500 usd

I bought mine from Biccamera/uniqlo store in Shinjuku at the current street price.

I’m not sure how the prices correlate in the US, Europe or rest of the world etc.

However, I would say that if indeed you have seen the same 2014 limited edition GS SBGV009 at ¥700usd then you have stumbled across the bargain of the century and should snap it up immediately! Having said that I think it may either be a vintage GS selfdater which this watch is modelled after. The original had a mechanical movement inside as well.

If you get a chance perhaps you could take a pic if it is still in the second hand store. That way we can see if it is the same model.
Vintage GS 1964 self daters in good condition are still sold at premium prices here in Tokyo.
$700 is a really great buy.

So anway, to answer your question I do believe the highest list price for this watch is $4,000 usd.
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