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This Seiko stopwatch had no bids at all on ebay UK. I placed a low bid and won, you know the drill. Have no real use for it but it's a Seiko.....

The condition is perfect, seller did mention it was in good condition but it's even better than expected.
it looks new and came with the original instructions and carrying pouch.
I'm impressed by the quality of it, it has real glass an a solid feel to it. It weighs 95 grams !

Would like to know how old it is, the seller did not know any history.
The serialnumber is 3D0584 so it could be 1983, 1993 or 2003. Any one has more info on this ? (Caliber is S101)
The date settings go from 1980 to 2019, so that's no clue.

Here are some pic's to share :

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